The Rice Lake Model Airplane Club was first established around 1970 by Mr. Frank Kelly, a teacher at Rice Lake High School. The first club members were students of Mr. Kelly. The club recently averages around 30-50 members per year. Starting in 1972 the club became a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), the world’s largest aviation sport organization.

The RLMAC is a self-supported, nonprofit club. Our purpose is to promote a shared enjoyment of model aviation as a recreation activity, building and flying radio control aircraft is our main focus; however, we are a multi-interest club.

Club activities have included annual displays at the local Fairgrounds and Regional Airport, Seminars for youth ages 8 to 16 and educational presentations of general and model aviation at local schools. The club has held many organized model airplane events open to model enthusiasts from all around our state, and including Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and North Dakota. These events have included Fun-flies, Jet-flies and Float-flying. We also typically hold several member only fun-flies at our various flying sites throughout the summer. A few of our members participate in local and regional combat flying for fun and competition.

The club currently has multiple flying sites in the Rice Lake area available to its members. Each site is insured through our club’s charter with the AMA. We continually seek out new flying site locations in an attempt to satisfy our memberships very widespread locations. During winter months we also have several dates for flying smaller planes and helicopters in local gymnasiums.

To fly at our AMA sanctioned sites, you must be a member of the AMA. As a member you receive liability insurance coverage for flying activities, a membership card, and a monthly magazine called Model Aviation.

Anyone interested in model aviation is encouraged to visit us at our website, a meeting, one of our flying sites, or by contacting one of our members. Club membership is open to anyone who would like to be involved in this fascinating hobby.